Camporeale is a small village of about 3,770 inhabitants in the province of Palermo, lying in the Mazzara’s Valley. It stands on a hill 440 m above sea level and at the foot of the following barrows: Cozzo di Cipolla, Cresta di S. Cosimo and Spezzapignatte (610 m), overlooking the plain of Mandranova and defending it from northern winds. Hills, mountains, plains, green valleys make the landscape looks like a marvellous , bucolic painting. Straddling the two provinces of Trapani and Palermo,it is since 1954 part of the administrative district of Palermo, and the 181th part of the total surface area.
It is 45 km far from Palermo(the provincial capital) and 20 km far from the sea far. The Belice river, which gave its name to the valley, crosses its territory. The ancient name of the village was Macellaro.
The estate belonged to Jesuits, which turned it into an efficient and productive masseria. The rural origins of the village date from that period.



truvatura    MUCINO   ROSATO VI GUARDALOMU cabernet

We are proud to present our red and white wines, which retain in themselves the unique characteristics of the vineyards from which they come in full respect of nature and “terroir” that link the tradition to the history of Sicilian winemaking.